This story was inspired by the true story of a young boy's experience with autism and sensory processing disorder, and the challenges he faced as a social individual who was so isolated in his emotional and sensory experience. 

In the film, we follow Darrel, a young boy with autism and sensory processing disorder. After unintentionally causing the loss of his mother’s job, Darrel convinces his mom, Angela, to let him stay home alone, while she attends the biggest audition of her career. But when unexpected circumstances surface, he must find a unique way to cope with his meltdown alone.


This project was designed, first and foremost, in dedication to the Autism Community. My hope has been to create a memorable and moving portrayal through the underrepresented lens of an African American family. Over the past two years that I have been writing this film, I have worked and reworked the script in order to create a piece that promotes awareness through sincere and naturalistic moments.

The story was inspired by my cousin's experience with Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder, and the amazing story of the first time he self-soothed a meltdown. I have been so moved by his persistence and the courage he has shown in openly sharing his experiences. So, my greatest effort has been and will continue to be on creating as accurate a portrayal as possible. Throughout the process, I consulted him, his mother, and other individuals in the autism community including UCLA's Center for Autism Research and Treatment, to help guide the performances and the child's world.

Further, I wanted to utilize my experiences in the world of music and dance. I have spent over 20 years in the dance industry, and more than any of the shows, the most notable memories I have are from the intimate moments I experienced music and movement at home. Times with my family, slow dancing with a loved one, or seeing a child conquer a fear by joining in a beat. So it is important to me that this film includes dance in the way that I have witnessed it - as an intimate source of unity and healing. We are honored to have prominent figures from the tap community involved in the production, including international tap star, Chloe Arnold, who plays the mother and the renowned Arthur Duncan, who plays himself as one of the great icons in tap history.

I am so grateful to the friends, family, donors, and sponsors who are made this film possible. ​And to my cousin who's story started it all, thank you for allowing me to share such a personal moment - I hope your story can inspire many as much as it inspired me.

We are proud to say that some of our sponsors include:

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