We are thrilled to announce that the film is complete! We are so excited to share it with you! More festival and screening info coming soon!

It's Finished!

Mark Mynhier and Hannah Kallaoun, our incredible producers, jumped in to hold lyrics up for the talented singer Apollo Jane who was bringing the theme song to life.

Behind the Scenes!

Here's the lead actress Chloe Arnold and Natasha Mynhier in the apartment bathroom discussing one of the more challenging scenes in the film.

Behind the Scenes!

30k in Donations - In A Beat

We want to extend a HUGE THANK YOU to all of the incredible donors who are making this film possible! We are up to 30k!


More Gear - In A Beat

Jeff has been bringing in more gear. Looking forward to trying out some new things!


Jelly Fish - In A Beat

In the story, the mother is a crafty artist. Since she doesn't have the money to buy expensive decorations for her son, she makes them! 

Darrel loves the ocean, so she makes all kinds of hand-crafted ocean paraphernalia. 

Bella Wattles, our production designer, let Natasha and Tess Jacobs make the jellyfish. But she has a bunch of exciting decorations in store - more photos on the set soon!


Working on Location

We are shooting the film at an apartment in Westwood. We are currently working in the apartment to give ourselves ample time to design the space. We want to make sure even the smallest items are researched and chosen with purpose.

But when we first moved all the gear in, it just looked like a big mess!


Dylan Lamm making poster - In A Beat

Dylan Lamm and Natasha took photos for the poster. It wasn't a perfect science, but we got there!


Our talented lead, Cameron Elie, watching from the loft as the crew gets ready for the next scene below.

Behind the Scenes!

Nandi Mudiwa styling Chloe Arnold for the flashback dance scene!

Behind the Scenes!

Inside the loft apartment we shot the film in. On the couch is, Bella Wattles (Production designer), Natasha Mynhier, Jessica Peterson (Assistant Director), Eszter Zakarias (Script Supervisor), Nandi Mudiwa (Costume Stylist). Standing up are, Jeff Hammerton and Dylan Lamm (sound mixer). And in the top right corner is George Ellett (1st AC/DIT), who is running our data management station and doing a rough sequence of the film while we shoot so we can see how things are looking.

Behind the Scenes!

Aspire CoffeeWorks Donation - In A Bea

Our first donation arrived from Aspire Coffeeworks! At Aspire CoffeeWorks, adults with and without disabilities work side by side to make freshly roasted coffee. We are huge fans of their mission and so grateful for their support.

Thank you so much for the sweet note and the coffee for the shoot and the crew!


New Sponsors - In A Beat

We are excited to announce we have two new sponsors supporting the film!


Test Shots - In A Beat

Jeff will spend hours testing angles for every scene in the film - and when he doesn't have anyone to stand in for him, he just stands in himself!


Cameron Elie Cast - In A Beat

We are so excited to announce that the very talented Cameron Elie will be playing the lead role of Darrel!


Donuts for the team - In A Beat

This is really a family effort - Avianna Mynhier, Natasha's sister, has not only offered story advice for years, but she also brought surprise donuts for the team!


Though we filmed in a loft without any bedrooms, we found a way to squeeze in a lot of people and equipment! We filmed for three days in this Westwood apartment and one day at a dance studio.

Behind the Scenes!

In the loft we can see Jeff Hammerton shooting the bedroom scene, while our producer Hannah Kallaoun watches from below.

Behind the Scenes!

Production is complete!! We are excited to share some photos of the process, which will show off some of the incredible individuals who participated in the film's creation!

And a big thank you to Ben Hammerton for all the behind the scenes photography! 

Behind the Scenes!

Rehearsal - In A Beat

Behind the scenes of our first rehearsal with Chloe and Cameron. Thanks to Ben Hammerton for the photo.


Natasha working on Shot Designer

We have finished creating our shot designer plans! This is the cafe where we spent hours working on it.


Shot Designer - In A Beat

We use an application called Shot Designer to layout the blocking and camera moves for each scene. 


Poster Tests - In A Beat

Ivy Walsh is our amazing graphic designer, she has been working with the photos Dylan and Natasha took and making them beautiful!

We have gone through a LOT of ideas to get to this style. Excited to show the full poster soon!


Chloe Arnold Cast - In A Beat

We are so excited to announce that the amazing, talented, and beautiful, Emmy Nominated actress/tap dancer Chloe Arnold will be playing the lead role of Angela! 


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